Hello I'm Heidi wife to a pretty awesome guy and mother to some crazy feral boys who I love more than life, oh and I LOVE my job. seriously its the best! I am deeply passionate about  photography, and I often get super excited when I'm shooting (full on photog nerd over here) but I live and breathe this stuff from the light around us, to the people I meet, its all just awesome.


I am completely  and 100% right brained and have

always been more on the artistic/creative side. I can't comprehend math if my life depended on it, and meticulous monotony makes my brain want to explode.


I like to think photography kind of found me, I mean I wasn't standing in front of the class on career day reciting a speech on how I wanted to be a photographer when I grow up, but life is crazy and always has its own plans and so here I am doing something I absolutely love and I wouldn't change a thing!


My style of shooting is more "how it feels and not how it looks if your looking for perfectly posed photos you probably wont find them here, I want to tell your perfectly imperfect story, a story so real that  the photos take you right back 20 years later.


Other Randoms about me....


I have an obsession with clean sheets.  like I wash them every 3 days idk I'm weird people.


Music is life, Trance is my favorite but I'm down for whatever, from tom petty to fetty wap bring it on, I usually have speakers with me at sessions so let sync and jam!

I love coffee but caffeine hates me...its complicated but were still working on our relationship.

I could sleep for 5 days.


Also pretty passionate about food so feel free to bring tacos to your session and l will love you forever!


I'm obsessed homes an interior design, 99% of the time I'm watching hgtv while I edit because who doesn't love Joanna lets be real! 

 whether you are getting married or doing something else in this beautiful crazy world Hit me up and let's have a chat over a coffee (or wine cause I'm basic like that), every image should tell a story and I'd love to tell yours!

xoxo ~ Heidi


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