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 Hey There!

It's nice to meet you!

I'm Heidi! I'm a mom to two CRAZY little boys, a little princess and a wife to a hardworking man.  I live for photographing raw, honest, emotional sun filled photos

Photo curtesy of Trisha Thomas Photography

My style of shooting is more "how it feels and not how it looks, if you're looking for perfectly posed photos you probably wont find them here, I want to tell your perfectly imperfect story, a story so real that  the photos take you right back 20 years. I find passion in every little detail, the stories told with little smirks, hands tracing through hair, or the eyes you make at each other when no one is looking. thats the good stuff! 


Other Randoms about me....


I have an obsession with clean sheets.  like I wash them every 3 days idk I'm weird people.


I love coffee but caffeine hates me...its complicated but were still working on our relationship.

I could sleep for 5 days. (who couldn't am I right! )


I'm obsessed homes an interior design, 99% of the time I'm watching hgtv while I edit because who doesn't love Joanna lets be real! 

 whether you are getting married or doing something else in this beautiful crazy world Hit me up and let's have a chat over a coffee (or wine cause I'm basic like that), every image should tell a story and I'd love to tell yours!

xoxo ~ Heidi


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