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Photographing your own camera phone style!

With all of us stuck at home right now I thought id share some tips and tricks on how to document your own life using nothing but your phone!

camera phones have come such a longgg way and believe it or not it is possible to take amazing photographs with one! And today I am going to share with you a few secrets to help ya out!

#1 and this is a big one guys! CLEAN YOUR LENS! seriously I know it sounds like common sense but I see so many photos posted on FB that were taken with a dirty lens! so start making it a habit and do it every time, even if you don't think its dirty!

#2 Light- The word photography literally means"light-writing," light is the most important factor when taking photos without good light you've got nothin sorry, but what is good light? well natural light is king! even when shooting indoors finding a good source of natural light is always best, when shooting indoors find a nice window place your subject in front of it but not so close that the skin is being over exposed because no one wants to look like Casper! for outdoor scenes the light is best about one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset! if its cloudy go for it whenever! the closer to noon on a sunny say the harsher highlights and shadows, this doesn't mean you shouldn't shoot at noon you just have to get a little more creative! and as with everything practice is the key to success!

#3 focus- most camera phones will have a little box on camera mode that show where the focus point is, on mine I can actually tap the screen to move the focal point, when photography a person your usually going to set it on the face, but if its something like a flower or object set focus on the most interesting part of the object.

#4 zooming your photos will have the best quality when the lens is zoomed all the way out, increasing the zoom decreases the quality, it you want a smaller frame your best bet is to crop after wards!

#5 editing the only editing app i will recommend is lightroom! I know there are probably a million but in my personal opinion lightroom will give you the more professional results. Editing is obviously all personal preference so have fun with it! there is no right or wrong its whatever your eye likes best!

#6 I think I've covered most of the technical junk haha the rest is really all up to you! get creative! find unique light or shadows in your home! use blinds or other shadows to create interest, when shooting your children I've found its best to shoot them on their own terms even at my sessions kids run the show! and no need for props or cute clothes document real life! you will appreciate it so much more one day! always think about placement of your subject, if your outdoors for example and you have the subject in font of one tree in a way that looks like a tree is growing out of their head move them! lol, also pull your subject away from the background, the farther away the better blur you will get! for instance if your shooting with a fence in the background don't place your subject directly in front of it try pulling them a few feet away, when the for ground and background are both in focus it makes things to busy! get creative with angles and point of view, climb on the furniture, shoot through the outside window looking in, alot of times i just sit and look around my house searching for interesting viewpoints, last but not least tell a story, posed smiles are fun but your 6 year old spilling milk as he trys to make a bowl of cereal tells a story of his age and will serve as a beautiful reminder of what life was like at that time! I hope this helps and I hope I have inspired you to get out there and start documenting!

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